During warmer months, setting the air-conditioner too high more than you should sounds tempting but excessive. Here are some energy and money saving tips while surviving the heat.

  1. Don’t depend too much on your Air Conditioner. Open your windows for some cool air. Although, you have to consider unwelcome critters, potential robbers and your privacy.

2. When it is too warm and humid at night to sleep, you can freeze your top sheet, a stuffed toy or use a cooling pillow. You may even sleep in thin clothing or just be butt naked.

3. If it’s too hot, just wear sleeveless thin tops and shorts.

4. Don’t set your thermostat high if nobody is at home.And setting the thermostat higher than normal while the air conditioner is already blasting will not cool your home any faster. It’ll instead cost you some unnecessary expense.Here’s a link on how to use your programmable thermostat energy wise.

5. Turn off ceiling fans when there are no people in the room. Fans cool humans, not rooms.

6. Use exhaust fans for your bathrooms and laundry room to remove all the heat and humidity.Make sure they are vented to the outside.

7. Avoid placing TV sets, lamps or any warm appliances or equipments near the room air-conditioning thermostat. The thermostat will sense the heat from these objects, which can cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary. Learn further tips on how to operate an air conditioner properly here.

8. Buy only ENERGY STAR lighting products. Incandescent lights only use about 10-15% of the electricity to produce light. The other percent just produces heat.

9. When it’s too hot, avoid using the oven. Instead, cook your food using the stove, a microwave oven or just grill outside.

10. Minimize using appliances and equipment that generate a lot of heat such as computers, dishwashers, curling irons, televisions and etc.Learn more about avoiding heat buildup in your home.

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